Association of Body and Transformers Companies

The Association of Body and Transformers Companies (AECAT) is a non-profit association that was created with the objective of:

  • Represent the interests of bodybuilders, transformers and vehicle manufacturers, industry technicians, as well as those companies related to the automobile that manufacture or transform the parts and pieces that compose them.
  • Promote the union of entrepreneurs in the sector.
  • Provide technical advisory and management services (approvals, etc.).
  • Inform of the changes that may affect the sector, with special relevance keep manufacturers informed of those regulations that affect their activity.
  • Legal advice and all actions that are aimed at defending your interests.
  • Continuous training adapted to the needs of companies.

According to our Statutes, the scope of the association will be the Autonomous Community of Catalonia. However, if the sector requires it, we do not rule out the possibility of extending our action to other Autonomous Communities and abroad.

The current economic situation, the constant regulatory changes, the increase in competition between companies, make it advisable to have the support of an entity that can represent the sector as a whole and have access to the information necessary to carry out its activity.

It should be noted that it is easier and faster for the Administration to direct its information to an entity that brings together the interests of a specific sector, such as vehicle manufacturing, as opposed to having to send that information to each company separately. .

In this sense AECAT has carried out all kinds of actions to publicize our management with the intention of establishing collaboration agreements with all those entities, public and private, that are related to the manufacturing sector and Vehicle transformation